So you've decided to make the move to all grain brewing. Now you want to know what all these different grains are used for. While you can make a great beer using just Pale Malt there are a lot of different styles of beer out there that use different grains to achieve a certain flavour profile.

HopsChoosing the right hops for your craft brew can be a daunting experience when faced with list upon list of hop varieties. The tables reproduced in this knowledge base item aim to give you an idea of the bittering and flavour characteristics of a large range of hop varieties from all over the world.

water.jpgEvery brewer knows that the quality of the water used in the production of beer is of paramount importance. Water can provide direct flavour effects and also indirect effects upon mash, wort boiling and fermentation. The water we use for brewing is a mix of various inorganic ions which stem from the environment the water passed through during its journey to your tap or well. The concentrations of these ions vary depending upon geographical location and there can be no doubt that some sources of water are better for brewing than others, but as brewers we have a degree of influence over the make up of the water that enters the mash tun.

water.jpgThis item presents a set of tables giving you information on water profiles for named water supply areas in Ireland. The raw data has been sourced from Local Authorities and the EPA and is summarised here to, hopefully, save you time. If you find we are missing your area and you happen to have a water profile report, please let us know and we can add it to the database, but bear in mind this is a work in progress. According to the EPA there are 928 Public Water Supply (PWS) areas in Ireland covering almost 80% of the population. We are going to try and get all of these, but it may take some time!