sussex_mild.jpgSo how did it all start? Well, with those first few drinks, back in the 70s, growing up in Sussex, roughly 50 miles south of London.


At somewhere about 17 years of age, my mates and I, like most teenagers, were mad to get into the pub. One of the few that would serve us was an old fashioned pub, on the outskirts of town. It had 3 bars, a snug (for women), the lounge (carpets and cushions on the chairs) and the public bar (spit and sawdust).


After 8pm few people ventured into the public bar; it was a spot for builders and the like grabbing a pint on their way home from work. This was our spot for a sneaky pint. The landlord would take no nonsense, the only drink he would serve us was Mild, at about 3% alcohol. Ask for a Bitter and you were out, a Lager don’t bother coming back. We were proud as punch thinking we were getting away with something. Of course, in retrospect, he knew our age well and was just enforcing his own ideas of how to introduce youngsters to drinking. A far cry from alco-pops and fat frogs of today.


Fast-forward 25 years and I land permanently in the Emerald Isle. My Irish wife and I talked about it for years, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 we took the plunge.

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I hadn't planned it this way, it just happened. A friend NoFitState Circushad organised for a few of us to go to the NoFitState Circus in Dublin's Docklands on a Friday night. Like any reasonable and civilised man, I suggested we meet up beforehand for a couple of pints. Since most of us were coming straight from work it had to be somewhere that did food, but would allow others to just drink; big enough not to be immediately packed with thirsty office workers; and in the general eastern end of Dublin city centre. My back-up plan was The Long Stone, but Messrs Maguire fitted the bill perfectly.

My tale starts on Saturday the 24 of March. I returned home from two pints of Vienna Lager and a Cheese Steak Pizza, in the Porterhouse North, with my Better Half and my daughter.

Soon after arriving home, a misunderstanding about what is happening when and who has to be where, on what day, is cleared up and I ended up with an unexpected free Saturday. There is only one thing to do with such a day. Brew beer!

BeoirFinder is a free, handy geo-location tool for finding pubs, restaurants and breweries in Ireland that serve Craft Beer. There has been a major boom in Irish Craft Breweries in recent years; This App is vital for anyone who values choice when it comes to beer selection. Beoir is the Gaelic for beer and is also the name of an independent group of consumers in Ireland. Our primary goal is to support and raise awareness of Ireland's native Independent microbreweries.

The BeoirFinder App is available on both the Apple Appstore and Google Play (Android). It's perfect for finding where you can get beer from an independent Irish microbrewery and often what's available at that location too. Future editions of the app will allow adding and updating entries from within the app.

Watch out for the gold icons in the app. These are the highly recommended or must visit destinations as voted for by Beoir members.



By Reuben Gray