The European Beer Consumers Union has launched its ‘one stop shop’ for information about different beer styles across the continent and further afield.

The Beer Styles of Europe and Beyond has been published by the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) to provide everyone from connoisseurs to those new to the world of beer with a comprehensive guide to the growing range of beer styles found across Europe and beyond – their origins, differences and how to spot the best.

The go-to publication is an authoritative guide to different groups, styles and sub-styles of beers – helping competitions to award prizes to brewers, aiding discussion about different types of beer available and helping beer drinkers to learn more about the different types of beer out there.

The beer styles compilation is part of EBCU’s work to promote and encourage a rich choice of diverse beers available for drinkers everywhere beer is sold across Europe, promoting diversity over uniformity.

This guide is completely independent, compiled and maintained without assistance from sponsorship or advertising.

Award winning beer writer and co-author of The World Atlas of Beer Tim Webb has been the lead author and curator of the publication, drawing on the expertise of members of beer consumers organisations from 15 countries across Europe.

Beer Styles of Europe and Beyond will be a living document, with regular updates and additions being made to the online version which is available to all beer drinkers on the EBCU’s website at:

Beer writer Tim Webb, co-author of The World Atlas of Beer and lead author and curator, for EBCU, of the guidelines said:
“I am really pleased with how smoothly this has gone. It was really helpful having advice available from so many consumer groups. We may never have a fully agreed list of international beer styles but to have a consumer-focussed listing that is seen through a European lens should, I hope, balance neatly the excellent lists used by the American Brewers Association (ABA) and Beer Judge Competition Program (BJCP).”

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