With all the coverage recently about what the labels on alcoholic drinks should or shouldn't say, one side that nobody thought to ask is us, the consumers. Everyone recognises that we need to be informed about the products we buy, but exactly what and how? Alcoholic beverages have a long, and in Beoir's view inappropriate, exemption from the rules around the labelling of food. Now that there are moves to change the law, it is appropriate to ask drinkers what exactly they want their beer packaging to tell them.

This is where the European Beer Consumers Union has stepped in. This summer it's asking the drinkers of Europe and beyond, about the information which ought to be required on the packaging of beer. The result will be presented to brewing industry representatives and European policymakers at the annual EBCU reception in Brussels in September.

And of course, we want your opinion. The survey is open until 13th August 2023 and only takes a few minutes to fill in. Have your say, and maybe improve the situation for beer consumers across Europe.

Click here to start the survey.