The third Beoir: Champion Beer of Ireland Competition took place at the Killarney Beer Festival on Saturday May 27th. The judging of 142 beers started at 10am with most of the rounds finished by 5pm. Then the international judges got together with all of the eight best of category winners to decide the top three. Those international judges were: Melissa Cole, Des de Moor and Tim Webb from the UK along with André Brunnsberg from Finland, Jan Lochota from Poland and Carl Kins from Belgium.

Here are the full results.


Beoir Champion Beers of 2017

1. 200 Fathoms - Galway Bay

2. Róc Modern Pills - White Hag

3. Black Boar bourbon barrel aged - White Hag

Honourable Mention: The Púca - hibiscus and ginger sour




1. Goats Butt - Hillstown

2. Friar Weisse - Franciscan Well

3. Arrow Weisse - Elbow Lane


1. Two Hundred Fathoms - Galway Bay

2. Hook Baltic - Arthurstown

3. Porterhouse Oyster Stout - Porterhouse

Honourable Mention: Joe - Coffee Porter - O Brother


1. Hook Amber - Arthurstown

2. The Fixer - O Brother

3. Achill Dillsc Red - Achill Brewing


1. Smart Ass Saison - Boghopper

2. Swingletree Saison - Kinnegar

3. Boyne Brewhouse Saison & Spailpín Saison - Killarney Brewing


1. The Púca Hibiscus and Ginger - White Hag

2. Wayfarer Sour IPA - 8 Degrees

3. Castaway Passionfruit Sour - Yellow Belly


1. Róc Modern Pils - White Hag

2. Achill Lagered Ale - Achill Brewing

3. Vienna Lager - Boyne Brewhouse

Honourable Mention: Elbow Lane



1. Black Boar - Bourbon Barrel - White Hag

2. NEIPA - Wild Bat

3. Coconut Porter - Independent

Pale Ale

1. Little Fawn - White Hag

2. The Chancer - O Brother

3. Citra Pale Ale - YellowBelly

Honourable Mention: Althea - Galway Bay

Honourable Mention: Boyne Brewhouse IPA - Boyne Brewhouse


The results are also posted on the competition page at the moment.