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Non Alcohol Brew (removal of ethanol post-fermentation)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:45 pm
by ChillieBillie
Hi All,

I couldn't find this being discussed on any previous thread, so apologies if I simply searched poorly.

I'm interested in preparing a batch of non alcoholic beer. Preferably a hoppy ale style at first, but I also intend a stout down the line. Does anyone have experience with this?

My initial thoughts are:
- Ethanol removal should be possible by heat treatment (pasteurisation?) post-fermentation. Google suggests 80°C for 25 mins; something like that (ethanol boiling temp 78.37°C).
- Besides ethanol, all volatiles <80°C will be gone, leaving a void in both aroma and mouth feel. Hence the 'thin' taste of the few commercial non alcoholic beers available.
- Adding at least some hop aroma back in post-pasteurisation should be achievable by heavy dry hopping before bottling.
- Using a relatively high base malt content should compensate somewhat for the mouth feel, right? Seeing it doesn't matter that the intermittent 'full' beer will be very high in alcohol.
- For bottle conditioning, Google seems to suggest pitching some yeast after pasteurisation. How to ensure sufficient fermentables to facilitate carbonation but avoid 'unwanted' alcohol generation at this stage? I know, obviously, that that some ethanol will be generated here, but that is why non alcoholic beers still contain 0.5% abv, which as someone once put it "is not much more alcohol than an overly ripe banana".

I welcome any thoughts on this. I've currently scheduled brew day for weekend of 26th August. Placing an order for malts and hops this evening.