What is Beoir?

Beoir is an independent group of consumers with a primary goal of supporting and raising awareness of Ireland's native independent microbreweries. There are some fantastic benefits for members. Find out more about Beoir or learn how to join:
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Here's the full list of entries and their places. If your beer isn't listed, it might not have scored high enough for a medal. Scoresheets with feedback will be posted out by the INEC.

Brewer Beer Medal Category Place Overall Place
O’Brother Brewing Bonita Silver    
O’Brother Brewing The Dreamer Silver    
O’Brother Brewing The Chancer Gold 1st Place Pale Ale 3rd Place
O’Brother Brewing The Fixer Silver 3rd Place Dark Ale  
Jack Cody’s Duxie Grapefriut Tea Pale Ale Silver    
Jack Cody’s Puck Pilsner Silver 3rd Place Lager  
Jack Cody’s Smiggy Amber Ale Bronze    
Jack Cody’s Hail Glorious St Patrick Stout Gold 2nd Place Stouts/Porters  
Jack Cody’s Blackjack Cream Stout Silver    
Blacks of Kinsale Black IPA Silver    
Blacks of Kinsale Kinsale Pale Ale Silver    
Blacks of Kinsale High Vis Double Silver    
Blacks of Kinsale Model T Bronze    
Kinnegar Brewing Lime Burner Pale Ale Silver    
Kinnegar Brewing Yanna Roddy Stout Gold 3rd Place Stout/Porter  
Kinnegar Brewing Scraggy Bay Pale Ale Gold 2nd Place Pale Ale  
Kinnegar Brewing Blackbucket Gold 1st Place Speciality 2nd Place
Kinnegar Brewing Swingletree Belgian Silver 3rd Place Belgian  
Franciscan Well Summer Saison Bronze    
Franciscan Well Friar Weiss Silver 3rd Place Wheat  
Franciscan Well Chieftan IPA Bronze    
Jack Doyles Premium Stout Bronze    
Jack Doyles Proper Order Irish Pale Ale Silver    
Jack Doyles Proper Order Irish Pale Ale Bronze    
Radikale Brewery Radikale Pale Ale Silver HM  
Munster Brewery Munich Helles Lager Bronze    
Munster Brewery Firbolg Lager Bronze    
Munster Brewery 12 Towers RedAle Bronze    
Black Donkey Sheep Stealer Silver 2nd Place Belgian  
Black Donkey Buck It Silver 3rd Place Speciality  
Black Donkey Scythe Belgian Pale Ale Silver    
Elbow Lane Arrow Weisse Silver 1st Place Wheat  
Glens of Antrim Fairhead Gold Silver HM  
Bo Bristle Amber Pale Ale Silver    
Bo Bristle IPA Pale Ale Gold    
Bo Bristle Stout Silver    
Independent Brewing Independent Connemara Pale Ale Silver    
Independent Brewing Independent Stout Silver    
Independent Brewing Independent Connemara Gold Ale Silver    
Independent Brewing Independent Connemara Red Ale Bronze    
Carrig Brewing Company Poachers Ale Silver    
Carrig Brewing Company Pilsner Lager Silver 2nd Place Lager  
Carrig Brewing Company Carrig Lager Bronze    
Carrig Brewing Company Rowers Red Ale Silver HM  
Carrig Brewing Company Pipers Pale Ale Bronze    
West Kerry Brewing Beal Ban Golden Ale Silver    
West Kerry Brewing Strong Cul Dorcha Silver    
West Kerry Brewing Carrig Dubh Porter Silver    
St Mels St Mels Pale Ale Silver    
St Mels Springbok Lager Bronze    
St Mels Brown Ale Silver 2nd Place Dark Ales  
JJ Craft Abbey Stout Bronze    
JJ Craft Hugo Lager Silver    
Trouble Brewing Remix Lager Gold 1st Place Lager  
Trouble Brewing Dark Arts Porter Silver    
Trouble Brewing Wandering Star Pale Ale Silver    
Trouble Brewing Graffitti Pale Ale Silver    
McGargles Brewing Granny Marys Red Ale Bronze    
McGargles Brewing Knock Knock IPA Bronze    
James Brown Brews Chocolate Orange Stout Silver 1st Place Stout/Porters 1st Place
Cotton Ball Lynches Stout Bronze    
Cotton Ball Indian Summer Pale Ale Silver    
Cotton Ball Kerry Lane Pale Ale Silver    
Cotton Ball German Pilsner Lager Silver    
9Whitedeer Stag Ban Pale Ale Silver    
9Whitedeer Stag Rua Dark Ale Bronze    
9Whitedeer Black Lightening Silver 2nd Place Speciality  
Killarney Brewing Company Scarlett Pimpernal IPA Silver 3rd Place Pale Ale  
Hillstown Brewery Massey Red Ale Bronze    
Hillstown Brewery Goats Butt Silver 2nd Place Wheat  
Hillstown Brewery Horny Bull Bronze    
Hillstown Brewery Spitting Llama Silver 1st Place Belgian  
Torc Brewing Company Torc Kingdom Porter Bronze    
Torc Brewing Company Torc 5 Malt Ale Silver    
Torc Brewing Company Torc Amber Ale Gold 1st Place Dark Ale  
Torc Brewing Company Torc Wheat Beer Silver HM  
Mountain Man Green Bullet Silver    
Mountain Man Hairy Goat Silver    
Mountain Man Sneaky Owl Bronze    
Mountain Man Crazy Horse Silver