Beoir Meets
Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Beoir Meets

Beoir Brewday at Black's of Kinsale

As a reward in a successful Indiegogo campaign 12 homebrewers from Beoir paid a visit to Black's of Kinsale craft brewery in Co. Cork, Ireland on 8th March 2014, to take part in a brew day.

The beer, a double IPA will be where ever great beers are found from May.

Watch Brian's video.



Here's a full length video taken by Reuben. It uses some of Brian's excellent pictures as well as some of Steve's.


Short hops: drinking by DART

Just the ticket It seems that every few months there's news of a new Dublin pub stocking Irish craft beer, either as a specialist or alongside the mainstream offerings. Trying to keep up with them all, especially the suburban outliers, is an impossible task. However, a couple were on my must-visit list and I set aside a Saturday to travel out to them. While looking at the DART map it occurred to me that several of the stations on the southern stretch in particular had pubs with good beer nearby. Perhaps it could be expanded into a full-on rail-based crawl. There was enough interest on the forum and so the South Dublin DART Pub Crawl was born, assembling in Bray at 12pm on Saturday April 20th 2013.

Is Irish Pale Ale a new style?

Tasting in progress Is there a new beer in town? A purely Irish drink from the Irish craft breweries that we can claim as our own?

The BeerNut first described Galway Hooker with "The makers claim 'Irish Pale Ale' is a new genre, which I was a bit sceptical about but now I can see where they're coming from. This has a touch of the caramel of the classic Irish red, but also a whole lot of the green, vegetal hops of the textbook IPA."

This distinct vegetal hops and hint of caramel I claim marks out many of the new Irish ales. Other wiser heads from Beoir disagreed but, showing an impressive resolve to both prove me wrong and to drink beer, they agreed to come along for a blind test.

Kit vs. Extract vs. All-Grain III: Battle of the Blondes

L-R: Extract, Kit, All-Grain After the inconclusive previous rounds of testing for Kit v Extract v All-Grain (round 1; round 2), it was decided to have a third round, for the purpose of answering such crucially important questions as:
1) Can you tell the difference between them?
2) Which tastes nicest?
3) Do old kits taste different to new kits?
4) Do beards really help?
In order to make it completely bullet-proof we went for a beer where off-flavours had nowhere to hide: a light lager-like ale. What could possibly go wrong?

The Irish Red Paradox

They call him Red Dave It's a style that is quintessentially ours, yet is recently evolved from a foreign progenitor. It has been a mainstay of dumbed-down Irish macrobeer for decades, yet has seen a revival at the hands of newer craft breweries. Just what is the story with Irish Red Ale?

Late last year, a small group of us gathered in the Dublin pub with the best selection of reds, plus one British keg bitter, to find out via blind tasting if the microbreweries really are doing a better job, and if the Irish Sea really does mark the boundary of the style.


Upcoming Events

Thu Nov 27 @18:30 - 08:30PM
12th Abbey @ Baggot Street Wines
Fri Nov 28 @17:30 - 09:00PM
Trouble Brewing @ Martin's Fairview
Fri Nov 28 @18:30 - 08:30PM
8 Degrees @ Baggot Street Wines
Sat Nov 29 @16:00 -
Festive Beer Festival
Fri Dec 05 @19:00 -
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