Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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The European Beer Consumers Union comes to Dublin

Where's the information? On the 14th and 15th of November Beoir will host a meeting of the European Beer Consumers Union for the first time. 30 delegates from eleven different countries across Europe will gather in Dublin for two days of debate and discussion covering a number issues of relevance to beer drinkers.

Among the topics is the current status of European Union Directive 1169/2011 concerning the information which should be made available to consumers on beer packaging. The EBCU has long deemed the current situation unsatisfactory, as producers are not obliged to list the ingredients of beer, nor the place of production. Both of these elements are essential if the consumer is to make a truly informed choice about the beer they drink.

Beoir wholeheartedly supports the EBCU's campaign to have ingredients and place of production made mandatory on beer labels, and salutes those Irish craft breweries who already have this information visible on their products.

The EBCU was founded in 1990 by three beer consumer organisations: CAMRA (UK), PINT (Netherlands) and Zythos (Belgium). It has since grown to thirteen member groups with a combined membership of over 200,000 people. Beoir is the newest member of the group, joining in 2012.  Two plenary meetings of the delegates are held every year.

The Dublin meeting will be the 50th since the EBCU's foundation and delegates will be visiting two of Dublin's independent breweries: The Porterhouse and JW Sweetman. Alfie Byrne's pub and L. Mulligan Grocer will also feature in the social programme for the weekend.

More information on the aims and work of the EBCU can be found on its website at




That's right, Beoir now has a YouTube Channel called BeoirTV. Get on over and take a look. If you would like to produce a video for BeoirTV, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for guidelines/logo use.

A-Z of Ireland's Beer and Cider

This table has been created as an at-a-glance guide to the various beers and ciders produced by companies based in Ireland. A tick denotes that this brand's products qualify as Irish Craft Beer or Cider, that is: produced on the island of Ireland by an Irish company which makes less than 20,000hL per year.

Last update: 18th November 2014

Irish Craft?



Also Known As


YES 12th Abbey Contract Brand   Brewed at Brú
  5 Lamps Microbrewery   Company mostly owned by C&C. Lager brewed at Eight Degrees.
YES 9 White Deer Microbrewery    
YES Ards Microbrewery    
YES Armagh Artisan Cider Maker Carsons, Maddens, Mollys  
YES Apple Farm Artisan Cider Maker Con's   
YES Baile Contract Brand   Brewed at Eight Degrees
YES Barrelhead Contract Brand   Brewed at JW Sweetman
YES Beoir Chorca Duibhne Microbrewery West Kerry  
YES Big Hand Contract Brand   Brewed at Trouble
YES Black Donkey Microbrewery    
YES Black's Microbrewery    
YES Blackstairs Contract Brand   Brewed at Brú
YES Bo Bristle Microbrewery    
YES Brehon Brewhouse Microbrewery    
YES Brewtonic Contract Brand   Brewed at Rascal's
  Brown Paper Bag Project Contract Brand   Brewed at various breweries in Ireland and abroad
YES Brú Microbrewery    
YES Burren Microbrewery Curtin's, The Roadside Tavern  
  C&C Multinational Bulmers, Magners, Clonmel 1650  
YES Carlow Microbrewery O'Hara's  
YES Carrig Microbrewery   Lager and Rowers Red brewed at Bo Bristle
YES Clanconnel Contract Brand   Brewed at Hilden
YES Cloughmore Contract Brand   Brewed at Whitewater
YES Cider Mill Artisan Cider Maker Cockagee  
YES Clear Sky Contract Brand Fulcrum Brewed at Hilden
YES Costello's Contract Brand   Brewed at Trouble
YES Cotton Ball Microbrewery    
YES Craigie's Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Dan Kelly's Artisan Cider Maker    
  Diageo Multinational Guinness, Smithwick's, Harp, Macardles  
  Dingle Microbrewery Tom Crean's  Brewed at the Dingle Brewery and abroad
YES Donegal Microbrewery    
YES Dooliner Contract Brand   Brewed at Carlow
YES Dovehill Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Dublin Brewer Contract Brand   Brewed at Independent
YES Dungarvan Microbrewery    
YES Eight Degrees Microbrewery    
YES Elbow Lane Microbrewery    
YES Farmageddon Microbrewery    
YES Four Provinces Contract Brand   Brewed at Trouble
  Franciscan Well Microbrewery   Owned by Molson Coors
YES Galway Bay Microbrewery    
YES Galway Hooker Microbrewery    
YES Glens of Antrim Microbrewery    
  Heineken Multinational Murphy's, Beamish, Rising Road  
YES Hercules Microbrewery    
YES Highbank Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Hilden Microbrewery    
YES Hillstown Microbrewery    
YES Independent Microbrewery    
YES Inishmacsaint Microbrewery    
YES Jack Cody's Microbrewery    
YES Jack Doyle's Microbrewery    
YES JJ's Microbrewery    
YES JW Sweetman Microbrewery    
YES Kelly's Mountain Microbrewery    
YES Kerry Brewing Contract Brand  Gnéas Brewed at Rascal's
YES Kilmegan Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Kinnegar Microbrewery    
YES Kinsale Contract Brand   Brewed at White Gypsy
YES Little Island Contract Brand Kenmare  Beer brewed at Brú. Cider made at Armagh Cider.
YES Llewellyn's Orchard Artisan Cider Maker Double LL  
YES Long Meadow Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Longueville House Artisan Cider Maker    
  M & J Gleeson Large Cider Maker Devil's Bit, Adams  
YES Mac's Artisan Cider Maker    
YES MacIvor's Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Marks & Spencer Contract Brand   Irish Stout brewed at Carlow
YES Mescan Microbrewery    
YES Metalman Microbrewery    
YES Mountain Man Contract Brand   Brewed at 9 White Deer and Eight Degrees
YES Mourne Contract Brand   Brewed at Whitewater
YES Muckish Mountain Contract Brand   Brewed at Eight Degrees
YES Munster Microbrewery    
YES N17 Contract Brand   Brewed at Black's
YES O'Shea's Contract Brand   Brewed at Carlow
  Orpens Contract Brand   Made at C&C
YES Pokertree Microbrewery    
YES Porterhouse Microbrewery    
YES Rascal's Microbrewery    
YES Red Hand Microbrewery  The Brewer's House  
YES  Reel Deel Microbrewery    
YES  Rising Sons Microbrewery    
YES  Rye River Microbrewery McGargle's, Solas, Colgan's, Crafty  
YES Scotts Contract Brand   Made at Armagh Cider
YES Sheelin Microbrewery    
YES St. Mel's Microbrewery    
  Station Works Microbrewery   Owned by Cumberland Breweries
  Stone Barrel Contract Brand   Brewed at various breweries in Ireland and abroad
YES Stonewell Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Tempted? Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Toby's Artisan Cider Maker    
YES Trouble Microbrewery    
YES UCC Pilot Microbrewery    
YES West Mayo Microbrewery    
YES White Gypsy Microbrewery    
YES White Hag Microbrewery    
YES Whitewater Microbrewery    
YES Wicklow Brewery Microbrewery    
YES Wicklow Wolf Brewing Microbrewery    

Elections and Membership. It’s you that makes the difference.

Members of Beoir are currently voting to elect a Chair for the coming membership year, 2014-15. While the roles of Treasurer and PRO are uncontested, these elections represent the spirit on which Beoir was founded: it’s the membership that makes things happen.

As a voluntary organisation that aims to promote choice for Ireland’s beer consumers, particularly from our native microbreweries, it is encouraging that members step forward to take on a leading role in Beoir, as a spokesperson and public face of the organisation. It can be quite often a thankless task, and certainly one that aims to put the common good of the Irish beer consumer , Beoir member or not, to the fore. And this is where the membership counts.
Beoir is an independent, consumers’ group about to enter its fifth year of existence. In order to succeed and make a difference, we need a strong membership. I’m glad to say that our current membership of 375 paid members shows a big increase over the last 12 months (78% up), but with over 2000 site members compared to 375 paid members, there’s clearly a gap between those merely interested in a vibrant beer culture in Ireland, and those willing to put their money where their mouth is, even if it is only a tenner a year.
This year, the two candidates for Chair of Beoir, Wayne Dunne and Reuben Gray (current chair), are putting themselves forward to help lead our group towards our goals. Goals defined by our membership, and not people in a back room. So, if you are a member, I urge you to not only cast vour vote, but to actively contribute in the Beoir members forum where policy and direction of Beoir is discussed and enacted. It’s not just about the membership benefits which have grown over the past year!
And if you’re not a member already, but use this website to inform yourself on what is happening in our native brewery and beer culture, or use the BeoirFinder app to guide yourself to places serving quality Irish beer, do please consider joining, adding your voice to the growth and direction of Beoir.
Best of luck to both candidates.

The BeoirFinder App

BeoirFinder is a free, handy geo-location tool for finding pubs, restaurants and breweries in Ireland that serve Craft Beer. There has been a major boom in Irish Craft Breweries in recent years; This App is vital for anyone who values choice when it comes to beer selection. Beoir is the Gaelic for beer and is also the name of an independent group of consumers in Ireland. Our primary goal is to support and raise awareness of Ireland's native Independent microbreweries.

The BeoirFinder App is available on both the Apple Appstore and Google Play (Android). It's perfect for finding where you can get beer from an independent Irish microbrewery and often what's available at that location too. Future editions of the app will allow adding and updating entries from within the app.

Watch out for the gold icons in the app. These are the highly recommended or must visit destinations as voted for by Beoir members.



By Reuben Gray


Upcoming Events

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