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ICB Awards: Rated by Members 2010

Award logoOn Saturday April 3rd, the fourth and final Irish Craft Brewer Beer of the Year Awards were announced at the Franciscan Well Easter Beer Festival in Cork. As with 2009, voting had been open to all members of the community and every beer brewed and available on the island of Ireland was eligible for a prize. An additional prize was also awarded for a beer of particular merit which was available at the festival but not normally on sale elsewhere.

The winners were an interesting mix of cask, keg and bottled beers and represented all four provinces of the island.

The Recession Session

Pitcher of Beer €13.40? They wanted €13.40 for two pints? This was completely inexplicable, none of the bar staff were topless, the beer was the same cold fizzy muck everywhere serves and the pub itself had all the charm of herpes.

But what choice do you have other than to be ripped off by Dublin city centre pubs? Are we condemned to spend our lives forking over this much while our debts circle us in an ever-tightening carousel of death?

What beer can you get around Dublin for the price of a round in the wrong pub? The beer had to be good, ideally Irish craft beer. The pubs had to be pleasant. I am far too posh to spend my time in a place filled with binmen and sailors just to save a few euro. And a strict selection criteria on who was allowed to go would be enforced.

The man in the pub is more discerning than you

Poster That's it. Hand in your pipes, shave off the beards and get rid of the beer nerd t-shirts the game is up. We are all at Irish Craft Brewer a mockery of a travesty of a sham as beer tasters. It turns out a random collection of pub goers were better at guessing what stout they were getting than we were.

Colin from The Beer Cellar decided to test the public preferences for stouts in O'Neill's pub, Suffolk Street. The beers being tested were Guinness, Beamish, Murphy's, O'Hara's and Molly's Chocolate stouts.

ICB Awards: Rated by Members 2009

Award logoThe results of the third annual Irish Craft Brewer Awards were announced at the 2009 Franciscan Well Easter Beer Festival on Saturday 11th April. In a radical change from procedures in 2007 and 2008, voting was opened to all members and every one of the ninety or so beers brewed and sold on the island of Ireland in the previous twelve months was eligible for nomination.

This was very much a drinkers' choice awards, and the winners can truly be said to be the favourite among people in Ireland who genuinely care about the beer they drink.


As seen on TV

Oz, James and ICB Recently there's been a lot of new people coming to the website with an interest in home brewing and craft beers. This is great to see and long may it last. Irish Craft Brewer has been going from strength to strength and a few of our members are going to be appearing on the show Oz and James Drink to Britain (Tuesday 27th January, 8pm, BBC2). Hopefully a few of you will be inspired by the quality of beers seen on the show to give home brewing a try yourselves. This article is a run through of the website and some helpful links.


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