version 1: 4th April 2018

1. Beoir is committed to keeping safe all personal data entrusted to it and complying fully with all relevant data protection laws.

2. Only data that is required for the operation of Beoir is collected and stored.

3. Personal data is not used for any other purpose nor offered to other parties to use for any reason.

4. Every effort is made to ensure all personal information is up to date and accurate. We ask that you notify us of any changes to your details.

5. The data collected depends on your level of membership.
For users who are registered on the site but are not members of the organisation, Beoir collects
a. Name
b. Email address
c. Username
d. Registration date
e. Last visit to the site
f. Forum profile information (if you choose to enter any)
g. Purchasing information relating to the web shop

All of this data is stored on Beoir’s web server.

In addition, for users who are members of Beoir:
h. Postal address
i. Subscription renewal date
j. Subscription payment dates
k. Method of subscription payment
l. Voucher serial numbers

This data is stored on a Google Sheets document along with items a, b and c above. Email addresses are also input to for the purpose of elections and MailChimp for newsletter distribution.

6. Beoir uses this data to:
a. Operate the site’s forums
b. Maintain a register of membership
c. Supply members with items they are entitled to by membership, purchased from the web shop or requested directly
d. Contact members about Beoir activities including awards and elections
e. Compile statistical information for reporting purposes.

7. Beoir does not collect personal financial information eg credit card numbers. All online payments are handled by Paypal and governed by Paypal’s privacy policy.

8. Queries relating to the administration of this policy may be addressed to the Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..